Dream Garage

The ‘dream garage’ is one of those favourite conversations that every self respecting petrolhead will revisit on a regular basis. Any true car fan when prompted will be able to venture an opinion as to what they feel should be stabled in their dream garage and the relative merits of their selections.

It’s entertaining folly and to make it more interesting, a recent variation on this conversation imposed a £1m limit and constraints as follows:

1. One classic car.

2. One daily driver.

3. One track car.

4. One GT car.

5. One Wild Card.

£1m is a significant amount of money but applying prudence to a task usually unburdened with the challenge of amassing said money seems a cruel twist. Not to be deterred, this is my ‘fiscally responsible’ budget spent:

1. Porsche 356C Coupe Outlaw. 

Colour: Heritage Silver PTS (K45-286 356 No. 1 Silver)

Cost: circa £100k

Bespoke build eradicates the nuances and foibles that leave you stranded on the side of the road when the drum brakes have faded or the 9v wiring has shorted. 


2. VW Golf GTI (with Performance Pack) MKVII.

Colour: Carbon Grey. 

Cost: Circa £35k with options.

A do everything car. I’ve owned the MKVI and hope that I’ll have an excuse to buy another GTI in the future. Hot hatches are hugely enjoyable and they don’t come much better than the GTI. Perfect for a daily driver. The joy of the GTI is there is enough performance for daily use and you don’t have to worry about speed hump clearance and scraping brake duct inlets and splitters.

If only they’d allow the option of those seats in monochrome as per the GTD. The leery tartan is just well, leery.


3. Porsche 911 991 Series GT3

Colour: (Riviera Blue or RS Grey Black PTS in preference to Speed Yellow)

Cost: Circa £120k with PTS, options.

Quite simply a remarkable car by all accounts. Even if the engine is in the wrong place. Look at that rear view. Sports Exhaust and Sport Chrono are must tick options.


4. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT Coupe.

Colour: AMG Imola Grey

Cost: circa £200k, with options.

The sound these cars make and the theatre of the gullwing doors make it a remarkable car. The last naturally aspirated SLS. A proper muscle car.


5. Singer - Bespoke Build - ‘Indonesia’.

Colour: Probably grey as per the Indonesia car. Or maybe something classic. 

Cost: £350k

Frankenstein? Maybe. Having seen these and been in one, they are a work of art. The level of attention to detail and craftmanship go beyond the commercial bounds of what the factory could ever offer. Stunning. 


Given that I have some change and I’m assuming that I’m going to be able to keep my 987 Series Cayman R, I’ll add the following:

Porsche Boxster 981 Series GTS.

Colour: Agate Grey (with yellow PCCB, Carrera S wheels in satin platinum).  

Cost: circa £60k, inc. options.

Anyone who bills this car as a hairdresser’s car or a poor man’s 911 is simply an idiot, has never driven one or is called Jeremy Clarkson. 


Porsche Cayman 981 Series R/GT4.

Colour: GT3RS Grey Black

Cost: Unknown, car in development. 

Beyond. excited. Letter of intent with my dealer already. My bank manager sees my dealer in direct conflict with his personal retirement plans. 


Anyone would think I liked German cars and Porsche.

Change? £50k or thereabouts. Assuming the 981 GT4 is around £85k with options and that we’re not judiciously sticking to the rules. 

I’d put the balance into a charity like Sporting Bears who facilitate dream rides for hospice children. I’d also use several of the cars to support their work as well. It’s important to see your heros in the metal.